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Our team of Costa Rica bike tour experts will help you choose and book your own bicycle tour. It’s time to exceed you limits !

Immerse yourself in the lush nature of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, with an electrifying adventure that redefines how you explore natural reserves. Electric bikes emerge as the perfect companions, allowing you to discover exceptional wildlife up close without disrupting the natural balance. Welcome to an eco-conscious getaway, where the synergy between technology and biodiversity transports you into a unique experience.

Electric bike guided tours contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and support conservation initiatives. Each tour thus becomes a positive step towards the preservation of nature.

Electric bikes offer much more than a simple means of transportation. They align with an eco-conscious approach, enabling visitors to immerse themselves in wildlife without disturbance. Accessible to all levels, the hills punctuating your route no longer pose a challenge but rather an opportunity to behold the breathtaking panoramas of Guanacaste effortlessly and without compromise.

Do not let hidden gems slip away due to the terrain.


Environmental Impact

In the heart of Guanacaste