Our team of Costa Rica bike tour experts will help you choose and book your own bicycle tour . It’s time to exceed you limits!!!

What a fantastic breakthrough for the mountain bike industry! This new technology allows people who may not be the most active or athletic to explore the beautiful country of Costa Rica on a bicycle. Touring Costa Rica on an electric bicycle is a fun, safe, and efficient way to create unforgettable memories, while allowing the bicycle to do the hard part for you. The electric technology gives you extra power to do what your legs alone could not do on an extreme mountain bike tour. Very steep hills, which normally would be too difficult on a traditional bike, are conquered easily on an electric bicycle!

Feel the power of a Bosch Performance Line Electrical Engine on your bike. Just set the mode you prefer to use and start exploring what Costa Rica has to offer! For those who prefer to ride a traditional mountain bike, you have the option of not using the motor. If you change your mind while exploring just turn it on and continue your adventure!

It’s time to exceed your limits!!!

  • All mountain bikers must be at least 14 years old.
  • Please bring sport shoes (closed-toe), suitable clothing, sunglasses, sunblock and insect repellent.
  • A swimsuit is optional.
  • Please let us know what level mountain biker you are prior to starting your tour.
  • Persons who have the following medical conditions should NOT do these tours: women who are pregnant, persons with osteoporosis, people with severe sight problems, any cardiovascular or respiratory problems, or any kind of physical impairment/disability which would be a danger to yourself or others while on this tour.
  • Following the instructions of your guide is an integral part of ensuring you have a fun, safe and memorable experience.